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Cassandra Pyror Interview

 Giving back is the greatest kindness you can pay to anyone

Cassandra Pryor

Why is giving back important to you?


 Giving back is the greatest kindness you can pay to anyone. I believe that there is a time in every ones life when they're in need, or when they're down, or things just aren't as great as they can be and it's in those moments when someone comes along and helps whether its something as simple as a kind word. Well, I remember the hard times in my life especially in my youth and there was always someone (unexpectedly) who came along and helped me. I just want to be the change that I want to see with the hopes of those that I help going on to help others

How will you shift the culture through your philanthropic endeavors?


 I do it all for the culture! The shift will happen through the seeds that I plant in the youth. Believing in them, leading by example and showing them that they can accomplish their hearts desires. Providing a safe space and trustworthy heart. Those seeds that I plant will grow and these beautiful black girls will be stronger and feel more empowered as they grow into the beautiful Queens that they already are.



What is the biggest myth about giving back and volunteering that needs to be debunked?


I think the biggest myth about giving back and volunteering is that no one is willing to give their time. Or volunteering and giving back is too time consuming. This is complete fiction! Fact is, there are so many individuals who want to help and volunteer. I was amazed at how many individuals wanted to help me with Dear Black Girl and particularly  shocked at how many woman want to support young black youth. "Ask and you shall receive" is one of the truest statements I've ever known. 

What is your organization’s biggest need and how can people support?


As we work to expand our mission and impact,  we find ourselves in need of more individuals willing to give monetary donations and sponsor our efforts.We are currently seeking individuals and businesses that believe in our work and want to directly contribute to the positive impact we have on the girls in DBG. 

Continue the sentence... I give too because...


 I give too because there is a need in our communities to encourage, empower, and strengthen young black girls.

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