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Sandra Lowery Interview

The will and the desire to give of your time and of yourself is sufficient to be involved in philanthropic missions.

Sandra, President of National Association for Multi-ethnicity in communications

Why is giving back important to you?

I have been so lucky to have the support of amazing people during various stages of my personal and professional development. It is only right that I also help lift others as they seek to find themselves and find the things that make them tick. 


Giving back to me is also so important because I am a firm believer in the “It Takes a Village” mentality. Much more is accomplished by helping and lending a hand than is accomplished by operating solo. 


How will you shift the culture through your philanthropic endeavors?

 Culture shifts take a lot but I hope to have some sort of impact in on the individual level. As I personally discover my passions and purpose, I am learning that I am motivated by moving and inspiring change in others. By inspiring shift and change on the individual level, I hope cultural change happens in that we see more brown and female faces in positions of leadership.    


What is the biggest myth about giving back and volunteering that needs to be debunked?

I would say the biggest myth is that you need a lot of money and a lot of time to give back. The will and the desire to give of your time and of yourself is sufficient to be involved in philanthropic missions. If someone doesn’t have discretionary dollars to donate, there are other ways to give. Boards are always looking for people to assist with marketing, outreach, partnerships, creative ideas, etc. An hour or two a month goes a long way in moving the needle of an organization.


What is your organization’s biggest need and how can people support?

At the moment, I am involved with several organizations. I am on the Young Leaders Board for America Needs You and I led the New York chapter of NAMIC (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communication). America Needs You can always use additional mentors for our first-generation college students. NAMIC can always use additional creative minds and dedicated hearts to help plan and executive career and professional development programming so that we supply members with the tools they need so that we can see more diversity at senior level positions in media and communications. 


Continue the sentence... I give too because...


“I give too because it’s necessary for me to lift others while I climb”

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