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We Give Too makes it easier and more seamless to search, find and connect with organizations and charities. We are a central hub for connecting people of color with community service projects, volunteer opportunities and ways to make monetary donations to various local nonprofit organizations and causes.


Millennials of color are making significant contributions within the philanthropy space. Whether it's with our time or money, there still seems to be a general consensus that people of color are not volunteering and donating as competitively as their counterparts. However, according to a 2012 W.K. Kellogg Foundation study nearly two-thirds of black households make charitable donations, worth a total of about $11 billion a year.

We believe nonprofit organizations need for diverse volunteers and dollars couldn’t be higher but the golden question is are they doing the proper work to attract, recruit and retain black and brown millennials into the space?


We Give Too will build a bridge between millennials of color and the organizations that need their time and money and will change the face of philanthropy one volunteer at a time! 


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