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Gabrielle Joffie Interview

I was able to experience first hand the importance of giving back. 

Gabrielle Joffie, 


Why is giving back important to you?

Growing up, I was blessed with a community of amazing teachers, family, and mentors that devoted their time to ensure that I would have the proper education that would help me throughout my life. My parents have always been huge advocates of helping others in need, especially children. They were both foster parents during my childhood and I was able to experience first hand the importance of giving back. 


How will you shift the culture through your philanthropic endeavors?

My goal is to use my creativity and connections within the beauty space to help teach our young people the importance of inner-beauty by creating programs that promote community service and outreach through a beauty lens.


What is the biggest myth about giving back and volunteering that needs to be debunked?

Unfortunately, when some people hear about community service, they think its boring. Giving back is never boring. When I see the faces of people that I've made an impact on through my service, it immediately warms my soul. That feeling can't be purchased or achieved through Instagram likes.


What is your organization’s biggest need and how can people support?

I am the Brand Manager for Indique Hair, a premium hair extensions company. At Indique, our philanthropic umbrella is called Indique Cares. Through Indique Cares we've provided makeovers for women battling breast cancer,  participated in walks for Lupus Awareness, and our most current endeavor is helping to fund the education of young girls in Zimbabwe through the F.A.C.E.Z organization. To help with this initiative, please visit here to donate. (

Continue the sentence... I give too because...


I give too because uplifting & empowering others through service is embedded in my DNA. 

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