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Pauleanna Reid Interview

By giving back, you’re assisting in shaping and defining dreams for the next generation.

Pauleanna Reid, Founder of New Girl 

On the Block


Why is giving back important to you?

Giving back is important to me because while I don’t have all the answers, I feel that It’s imperative to share in the lessons that you have learned along the way. That’s why I hold mentoring so close to my heart because during my college years I had others invest in me and believe in me even during days I didn’t see value in myself. I founded New Girl on the Block to help millennials see beyond the limits of their circumstances – sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. By giving back, you’re assisting in shaping and defining dreams for the next generation. There’s nothing more gratifying than watching one’s growth while recognizing self-confidence and stability through preparation.


How will you shift the culture through your philanthropic endeavors?

 My philanthropy makes waves because I’m impacting and expanding the view of the world for many women who have limited access to resources.  We’re women supporting women. We thrive solely on the positive outlook and transformative steps taken to assist women in need with achieving their goals and dreams.  Providing local and international field trips, an online community, regular workshops, annual scholarships, 1-on-1 mentorship and tools for self-empowerment will lead them to greatness. I know because I’ve seen it happen to over 150 mentees in 8 countries who have connected with me in the last two and a half years. Seeing other women go beyond what they thought could be accomplished within their own means is inspiring to me. By opening doors to women across the globe, I’m positioning my endeavors on an international scale to help those in need.


What is the biggest myth about giving back and volunteering that needs to be debunked?

The biggest myth would be that volunteering and giving back can be a waste of time and there is no return on investment–nothing can be further from the truth! There is always someone eagerly willing to learn and volunteering your time is the most rewarding thing that you can do! Having a mentor to guide and lift you higher during times when you doubt your greatness is being proactive in your journey.


What is your organization’s biggest need and how can people support?

I am so content with my mentorship program! We learn we support and guide each other to unlocking the greatness from within. Overcoming adversity with a solid support system backing you up is certainly a great way to move forward.


Prayer is a big component in everything that I do. 70% of my girls are building a business while 30% are dealing with mental health issues, thoughts of suicide, financial trouble, self-esteem issues as a result of sexual abuse, and more. While we have professionals in place, nothing beats the power of positivity and emotional support. Not only for the mentee but for those who work on the ground, like me. “Walk by faith, not by sight” Is a mantra that I walk with every single day. Mentors are in need of encouragement to continue to find the strength to stand with women and girls who are hurting.


Continue the sentence... I give too because...


I give too because not only is it gratifying, but it also reminds me of everything that I have overcome to get here. A lot of the girls are going through the same motions. Remembering can sometimes be difficult, but when you think of the lives that can be touched and affected for the better in the long run, nothing is more rewarding.

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