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Before I begin rattling off about the site and why I decided to even launch the website, let me introduce myself. My name is Alize Garcia, I'm 28 years old, recently married, I'm a Harlem native but I currently reside in Jersey (still love Harlem) and I love all things philanthropic.

A few months back I decided that I wanted to launch a website that would serve as a hub for black people to find organizations that they could support either with their time or money or both. Being in the nonprofit space for the past two years, I’ve heard a lot about the shortage of black and brown volunteers and organization's desire to tap into the space. Whenever I would hear organizations talk about their need to diversify the volunteer based they made it seem as though we had no interest in getting involved. That's completely FALSE!

I know that we are out there; I know that we want to get involved and I know that we are already doing the work. Unfortunately, some of these organizations have not been doing the work to truly connect with us. They are not marketing to us and they are not actively seeking to recruit by going to the places where we can be found. One lesson I learned early in my career was don't wait for your target audience to come to you, go to them. That is the attitude that I wish these organizations took. If you want us involved then don't be afraid to come find us.

So to help fix this problem to some extent, I’ve created We Give Too. My goal is to eliminate the hassle of searching numerous volunteer websites to find the perfect organization to support. I will connect us to local organizations looking for volunteers as well as highlight the people in our community that are already doing the work as well as offer tips and best practices on how to join Junior Boards, become a donor and the financial benefits of donating to charities. It’s time for us to lead the philanthropic space, it’s time for us to consider ourselves as philanthropist, its time to change the face of philanthropy!

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